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Cleaning Company

So you are in Mahwah, NJ and you are trying to find a quality, affordable cleaning company to come right the wrongs in your living room and kitchens. You have already tried searching the internet for a cleaning company, and that doesn’t seem to have done you any real favors so far. Well we would have to disagree actually, because you are currently on our website, which means that search did exactly what it was supposed to. Even better, not only did it give you an affordable cleaning service near you, it gave you the very finest cleaning service in the Mahwah, NJ area. We are talking about Lily Maids of course! That’s us! We are the best cleaning service in the business, and we would love to help you make that living room safe to walk through once again (you supply the hazmat suits thought).


Here at Lily Maids, we aren’t claiming to have re-invented the wheel or anything when it comes to housekeeping and our fantastically effective cleaning service. We aren’t cleaning your home with self-replicating nano brooms and sentient robots, we do things in a pretty similar way to most other cleaning services. So what is the difference between us and them then? Well, it’s actually pretty simple; we are just much, much better at everything than they are. Customer service, cleaning, everything. We are better at pretty much every turn of the way, so much that it really isn’t even fair to them to be compared to Lily Maids.

So if you are looking for a cleaning company that is local to the Mahwah, NJ area, then you are doing a great job, because you found it! Get in touch with Lily Maids the next time you need a quality cleaning service, we look forward to speaking with you!

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